The shocking car key won't open your car

Zara Rabinowicz Tech 3 Comments


Oh, what a nice person you are. Your unsuspecting friend goes to open your car door, but oops, they’ve managed to electrocute themselves on your cunningly disguised car key shocker. I don’t have many friends I’d just loan my car to, so I suppose you’re either shocking your best friends who may find it funny, or a robber, in which case the electrocution is well deserved. All this excitement for more cash than it costs to copy your key five times. Oh wow.

$51 from Bim Bam Banana

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By Zara Rabinowicz | November 28th, 2007

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  • Mike

    I think it was redferret who covered this a while ago and pointed out that the metal studs all over the thing as well as the words ‘shock’ in bold letters on the side, kind of give the game away.
    i tend to agree…

  • seeingwhatyadoin

    this is the kind of blog we will all subscribe to once we have fully converted consumerist drones. Maybe one day you will make a lot of money out of this ‘blog’. I just wanna know who’s paying you to do this. Or is it run on the cuts from sales?

  • Susi

    It’s paid for through advertising, like a great many “blogs” out there (why the quotation marks, friend? Rest assured, we are a blog).