Organic Batter Blaster: spray-on pancakes

Susi Weaser Tech 3 Comments

Sometimes something comes along that, whilst not strictly speaking a gadget, has all the hallmarks of something that needs to be shared with the world, for the greater good. These Batter Blasters are a perfect example.

Making food is rewarding, but messy. Better for your health, but time consuming. Putting pancake batter in an aerosol can is therefore one of the smartest things I’ve ever seen, and goodness, it’s got ‘organic’ plastered over it, so *must* be healthy. There’s something quite ‘they told us this is what the 21st century would look like back in 1975′ about the whole process, as you can see from the video demonstration after the jump. From can, to frying pan, to mouth, in mere seconds.

[via Strange New Products]

Check out which stores near you sell it here.

By Susi Weaser | November 5th, 2007

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  • Dave

    This is overkill, it’s not exactly hard to mix flour, milk and a pinch of salt to make your own batter which can be used both for pancakes and Yorkshire puds. Also the propellant and the packaging do not make this product particularly “green”. As for “organic”, well dog poo is organic but I still won’t eat it.

  • Jeff

    It really is pretty good stuff. The propellant is CO2 and the packaging is recyclable steel and plastic. The ingredients are just what you would make them out of yourself.
    I have tried this product myself and it is perfect for use in the camper (caravan for you Brits). My kids find it fun to make their own shapes.

  • PinkEToe

    Spray pancakes?

    You sure this isn’t the last sign before armageddon?

    The antichrist’s evil entre’ into the homes of innocent, god-fearing Americans in the form of CO2 and flour? Oh, the humanity!

    What unpatriotic horror could be next? Tofu apple pie?? Vanilla ice cream made of…*gasp*… soylent green???

    Thank goodness grandma warned me about such new-fangled trickery. I’m locking the door, pulling the shades, and arming myself against the devil’s batter with grandma’s solid-steel hand-whisk in one hand and her 5-pound cast-iron pan in the other. Take that, you evil spray pancake batter from hell!!!