Hello Kitty bicycle tyre – don't use it for getaway vehicles

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hellokitty_tyre.jpgAnother day, another bit of pointless Hello Kitty tat. Gone are the days when I could muster any sort of incredulity or even poke fun at it. For today I shall merely point you at it, and virtually shut my eyes and turn away so that I don’t have to imagine you actually considering buying it.

If you are a fan and feel the need to splash some well-earned cash on the cutesome cat, that’ll be $19.99, please. The only bit of advice I will give you is that if you’re going to nick stuff from the corner shop, be sure you use a standard bike tyre or they’ll find you pretty quickly.

Hello Kitty Bicycle Tyre [via Engadget]

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By Staff Writer | November 27th, 2007

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