The Satski brings satellite navigation to skiers

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The much hated paper piste maps that always manage to tear, get soggy and provoke unnecessary stress when navigating mountainous territory may soon be a thing of the past. The Satski works like a variant of the Tom Tom, and is an interactive piste map for the novice snowboarder all the way up to the pro level. We’ve shown you a sneak peek of it here, so now lets get to grips with the full range of specs. The Satski uses a touch screen colour GPS system to track your route and current location, and has different settings depending on your expertise. It also can be customized yo your age group, gender and your preference of skiing or snowboarding.

The Satski compiles a record of your daily activity which you can then upload to a computer and print out a certificate of your daily stats, including distance travelled, maxiumum speed, and altitude reached. A useful feature included is a virtual Time Out like guide included on the device with directions and picture information on local activities, from B&B’s to local bars, and a built in MP3 player to give you music when you get there!

The Satski also has a variety of inbuilt games to entertain you, or your kids on those long cold nights, and there is the option to play interactive games son it as well, which is great for corporate events. There’s nothing like a treasure hunt with the boss, eh? The Satski is not cheap however, as it starts at a massive £1500, but you can rent it daily instead if that’s to much of an investment. Daily rental is approx £28 a day and includes the ever so exciting take home CD. Well, I’m sure this will be a hit in Aspen…

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By Zara Rabinowicz | October 30th, 2007

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  • Guy Forget from France

    Watch out with Satski GPS. These Satski guys definetely appear to be hiding something. Go check on the below link:
    The Satski team are posting entries to make their product look great. But in reality most objective user entries seem to be very negatively. I am searching internet. And users overall are not very happy. I was considering to buy for next winter. But I changed my mind.

  • John Chtistian

    Hello Satski users, this is John Christian. I have had troubles with Satski Customer support. They have insulted me and called me names. Because I told them I would share my negative experience with them and their product online. Now they are abusing my name in forums online. What an unprofessional organisation this is. I am obviously very very angry with them. I am sorry to bother you with this, but I just want things to be honest and right. This organisation is totally disrespectful, unprofessional and unreliable.

  • Josh Rawbone & Steve Wilson

    Hi me and Steve just returned from the prefect snow in NZ. The device was pretty ok in usage. For us the black piste navigation worked quite ok. Although some restaurants were missing in database. Device looks pretty cool. But the device lost GPS signal on certain sides of the mountain. So my playbacks are not accurately and complete. Also the screen was a little hard to read. But we bought the device mainly to record our tripz. Glad we shared the costs otherwise the device would be way to expensive! Rgrds, Josh Rawbone and Steve Wilson

  • michael

    My unit worked pretty well. I used it for the first 3 days of my holiday to Kaprun. I think it worked ok. But can’t check it. on the fourth day I fell down on my right side. My Satski GPS was in my left pocket. But due to the shock it was defect after I fell to the ground. I returned it to Satski. And also am waiting now for quite a while (more than 2.5 months). Guess they are busy now. Anyways there is nu hurry. Because I have to wait for my next ski holiday for a couple of months. My advise to Satski R&D is to make it shockproof. Because I didn’t fall very hard. Despite this the device was broken. And every snow lover runs the risk of falling down maybe not because of his own fault but it can also happen if somebody who can’t ski properly hits you. Cheers, Michael.

  • Justin

    I was considering buying this one for my trip. It was a little beyond our budget. My wife got me the 4.99 berryski for snowmass. Its been working very well for me.