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Shiny Preview: Philips cheap/luxurious/confusing hotel rooms

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We've had to retire Shiny Katie for the day, since she went to the Philips Sense and Simplicity concept show this morning. It comes round but once a year, but she never fails to be completely mesmerised by the whole experience and end up a quivering wreck at the sheer conceptness of it all.

Today, she looked at the Philips hotel room, which is actually due to see a real life unveiling at several airports around the world including Schipol in The Netherlands. It's a kind of European version of those crazy Far East pod-like rooms, featuring... mood lighting. But there's more. So much more. Go on. Click below and find out.

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  • jared

    Didn't get much video of the room itself unfortunately; hard to get a sense of scale.

  • Emily

    Heey.. I was there this morning too as a freelancer. I was told the rooms will start at €39 actually (or that could be for the Amsterdam city hotel rather than the one near Schipol) if that helps with the "budget hotel" idea.

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