Sharp Aquos HD TV range includes smaller sets

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sharp-22-inch-hd-tv-289-75.jpgFull HD televisions are generally 40″ plus monster screens, but Sharp’s new range of Aquos LCDs include a 22″ model. There are also 26″ and 32″ models and all have 1920 x 1080 resolution capable of cleanly rendering full 1080p video over dual HDMI ports.

The contrast ratio on the 32″ model is highest at 2,000:1, with the 22″ model having a ratio of 1,200:1. There’s a plethora of PC analogue and digital connectors to boot, so these are clearly designed to be the hub of a home entertainment system, much like LG’s recently released monitors. You can even tuck a keyboard away under the stand. Prices go from around £770 (¥180,000) for the smallest model to about £1,000 (¥240,000) for the largest. Not cheap, but as we all know from this hilarious video captured at IFA, Aquos is simply the best. Oh yes.

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By Staff Writer | October 29th, 2007

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