Science Monday: Expert says Mona Lisa did once have lashes and eyebrows. But still looked quite freaky

Susi Weaser Tech

How’s this for an obsession? A French man has spent 3,000 hours analysing the Mona Lisa, and developing a camera that can take a 240 megapixel scans, creating a 22 gigabyte file. He’s then attempted to digitally peel away layers of the image, which he thinks has answered some of the age-old Mona Lisa questions.

One of his ‘revelations’ is that the painting did once have eyebrows and lashes, which must have made her look slightly less bizarre (although some say that it was the Florentine fashion to shave them off, and she never had any). He also reckons that her face was originally wider and the smile more expressive than Da Vinci finally painted them and that she once held a blanket, which has disappeared due to age and bad restoration.

[via Yahoo News]

By Susi Weaser | October 22nd, 2007

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