McDonalds to offer free WiFi in its restaurants. We're lovin' it.

Susi Weaser Tech 1 Comment

McDonald’s has announced they’re going to offer free wireless internet access in 12,000 of its UK restaurants. Cue lots of horrified Britons bemoaning the fact that the fast food giant is luring people into their dens of obesity with their broadband and then filling their eager faces with pounds and pounds of saturated fat.

And of course they’re right. But when Starbucks/T-Mobile are selling an hour of internet access for £5 an hour (plus the cost of a mediocre cup of coffee), the prospect of free WiFi and a chocolate milkshake becomes too good an offer to pass up. As I said, I’m lovin’ it.

More about McDonalds here.

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By Susi Weaser | October 8th, 2007

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  • Eric Gagne

    It is about time. In Buenos Aires, we’ve had free WiFi in the McDo’s for about three to five years now.