Bicygnals beat the clock and keep you safe on the roads

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Now that the clocks have gone back and we’ve long forgotten that extra hour’s sleep (and being woken up in the middle of the night by my resetting radio-controlled clock), it’s getting hard to struggle home through the darker, wetter evenings. One way to keep yourself safe as a cyclist is using Bicygnals.

They’re ultra-bright LED front and read lights, wirelessly connected via radio frequencies with unique built in left and right indicators. The cyclist sets the front indicator and the rear one mirrors it. Not only are you very visible but you can clearly signal your intentions when it’s safe to do so. If you’re worried about leaving the lights attached to your bike, just pull off both and clip them together securely to pop in your bag. £39.95 from Halfords.


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By Staff Writer | October 31st, 2007

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  • Andy Gates

    Alas, they are too narrow to be legal.

  • Jim McCullough

    I found the Bicygnals a little dim during the sunniest of days and also difficult to see the indicator light on top (to see if they were activated or not) So ……………… I modified them with EyeBrows:

    Bike Signal Lites Flash Movies:


  • The Geek

    I snagged one of these off eBay out of NZ. The good: The lights work great! All 8 batteries were included, hex wrench included, very nice appearance and packaging, and terrific customer support! The bad: the mounting is insufficient – not robust, and with 8 batteries, it’s heavy. For more…

  • mr_tim

    I bought these direct from the makers online shop.

    Unfortunately they don’t go well with the combined brake/shifters set, they get in the way of the gear number window on the shifter.

    Ive also been told they don’t like wet weather. seems strange that, as the designer comes from a country where it rains/wet a lot.

    They are not worth the price paid for them.

  • toys

    I hated the weather as well.