Prototype of the week: The transparent toaster

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There’s no arguing the geek love-affair with wonky toasters, so it’s not surprising that someone’s come up with a way to strip it down to the bare essentials in a way that truly reveals the spirit of, er, toast. The Transparent Toaster uses transparent heating glass to magically turn the bread into toast right before your eyes, allowing you to halt the process at the exactly perfect moment, provided you aren’t hypnotized by it because it’s too early in the morning for fine judgment and the thing is so pretty until it gets all full of stale breadcrumbs and grease from when your brother decides to try cooking hamburgers in it (that last bit isn’t quite true because he only considered it and then rejected the idea but he might have gotten close enough to put some burger grease on it anyhow and that would goof the whole look). In any case it’s just a prototype, since the existing glass doesn’t get hot enough to toast bread. But now you can dream of yet another gadget demanding your attention in exchange for the promise (and who knows, maybe even delivery) of minor perfection. [Camille]

Transparent Toaster [via ThisNext]

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By Camille Dumas | September 2nd, 2007

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  • Peta

    Wouldn’t you get burnt if you accidently touched it? Doesn’t exactly seem safe …

  • hitech

    This seems pretty neat. Two thumbs up geek style for sure.