Shiny Preview: Samsung Armani Luxury Mobile

Susi Weaser Tech 5 Comments

Samsung and Armani unveiled their first collaboration today at Milan Fashion Week, in the form of a rather sleek touch screen mobile. Some people will inevitably call it the iPhone killer, some people will compare it to the LG Prada (not unjustifiably). Some people will get really annoyed that there were some really noisy journalists sitting behind her in the press conference (that would be me…). If you’re keen on this phone, you’ll be glad to know that you can expect a Samsung/Armani LCD TV early in 2008.

By Susi Weaser | September 24th, 2007

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  • Chris

    Nice review as always. Oh and your hair looks fantastic.

  • Chris Cronin

    Could you consider in your future videos to feature the products more and the host less? No offense, but when we are interested in new devices, especially those that are design-centered, we actually want to see the device.

    If you want to gesture with your hands, do so with the lens on the device, sitting untouched on a table.

    I appreciate the reviews.

  • Susi

    I appreciate the comment Chris, and we’re very aware of the fact that people want to see the phone and not me. Unfortunately, when we’re at things like press conferences we’re often doing previews on the fly, without the advantages that come with full reviews, such as editing software and the cut way close ups that come with it. You’ll see a lot more of the phone when we do our weekly reviews it the office, but for the moment, with the equipment we have, we’re doing the best we can!

  • Guy

    Susi, you’re a rock star. It’s more fun to see you with the phone.

  • Ashley

    Ive seen alot of reveiws on this phone i was just wondering can you change the background to personalized pictures that you have taken on your phone???