Logic3 15-speaker SoundStage launched

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Not long ago, Susi got a look at Logic3′s SoundStation speakers for PS3. Now the company is launching an all-in-one 5.1 speaker system for flat panel, LCD and plasma CDs.

The SoundStage home theatre surround-sound system has a whopping 15 speakers resulting in 150 watts RMS output. Be prepared to get some complaints from the neighbours; this piano black glossy beast hides 13 drivers and two low frequency subwoofers. SRS 3D technology widens the sweet spot and lifts output to head level to create a realistic cocoon of sound. Nonetheless it’s as easy as plug and play – designed to be used straight out of the box. Add to that the handy FM radio and this is a comprehensive offering for £249.99 (approx $500).

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By Staff Writer | September 19th, 2007

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