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IFA 07: Sharp dancers singing the hilarious Aquos song

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Only in Germany could a company get away with something so cheesy as four brightly-clad dancers singing along to a ditty about a TV range. And only in Germany could the whole audience lap it up, cheering wildly and demanding more.

I'm sold - they do these performances every half hour, I think I might spend the rest of IFA watching every single one. As soon as I can, I'm downloading the single. I'm going to watch this video every day for the rest of my life. Heck, I'm buying an Aquos as soon as I get out of this country! This video is that brilliant.

"Aquos! It's a line of success, and we're simply the best! Aquos! High definition TV, something-something-something". Note to Sharp - you have next year's Eurovision song contest winner on your hands. EXPLOIT!


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  • liz

    Cheesy, definitely, but I think "cheering wildly and demanding more" is a bit of an overstatement...

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