Hello Kitty microwave: if only the Hell' Kit were inside

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hello%20kitty%20microwave%20oven.jpgI love cats. This is just one of the many reasons why Hello Kitty does not do “it” for me. However, for those among you that need a little more of the damned miaower in your life, Lauren at the This Next blog has been rounding up HK kitchen gadgets, the most notable of which was this Kitty-bedecked microwave.

It appears to be Toshiba-made, and has been seriously Kittied out with a cat outline on the front and a plethora of pink squiggles down the panel. Pop it next to the coffee machine and then wonder why someone appears to have doused your kitchen in Pepto Bismol.

Don’t forget to enjoy the rest of the Shiny Shiny Hello Kitty collection.

By Staff Writer | September 10th, 2007

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  • RichoVonBlack

    “Nooooooo,please no more “kitty”, its getting beyond sureal, (Im waiting for the Hello Kitty ceramic cremation urn, I know it’s coming).