Dance Dance Revolution used to promote fitness in young girls

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_44117303_class203.jpgIt seems that the world is waking up to technology in the fight against childhood obesity in the UK. Often computers and console games have been targeted for increasing lethargy in kids, but with the revolution of the Wii things are changing.

Now in Bedfordshire the Dance Dance Revolution game has been used to impressive effect in dance classes for teen girls. Daniel Gill, of Active Luton, the trust which runs local sports and leisure facilities, said: “You tend to burn about 400 to 600 calories an hour in these classes. You are working on coordination, balance, cardio vascular, stamina. You can vary and change the intensity so it matches other sports quite well. There is no segregation on ability. Even if they know they can’t do all of it, they can try anyway. And it’s a good way of introducing them to a gym.”

What do you think? Are games really your way of getting fit, or is this all a clever ruse to market games in a ‘healthy’ way?

[via BBC]

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By Orla Doherty | September 20th, 2007

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