Worst MP3 Player Name Ever: i.Beat blaxx

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So you want to get on the iBandwagon and you have an MP3 player. i.Beat is not a terrible name. A little cheeky, a little edgy, a lot derivative, but not terrible. Then you decide black is the new black, so you’re going to make a black MP3 player, and give it another slightly edgy, slightly leet-speaky, very derivative name; something with an extra letter x and which is in all lowercase: the blaxx. With the result that your MP3 player is called the i.Beat blaxx, which is derivative, pretentious, and racist sounding! It has a bunch of features which don’t sound half-bad, but I refuse to countenance such arrant garbage by repeating anything positive (so you’ll have to see the i.Beat blaxx press release if you care). Supposedly it “precisely reflects the desires of the young, trend-conscious target group we are aiming for”. What trend is this exactly? (Answers on a 3×5 card.) The only way this thing could be worse is if it was a solar powered rainbow maker. [Camille]

i.Beat blaxx [via G4TV]

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By Camille Dumas | August 25th, 2007

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  • http://mlearning.edublogs.org Leonard Low

    Oh. Mai. Gawd. You’re right, that is the single worst product name I have seen in recent years… the entire marketing team on this one should be fired, as it seems not one of them picked up this obvious faux pas.

  • Dexx23

    How in the hell did Marketing sign off on this? I predict this will be on CNN or your local news station within the next week…

  • Carl

    I’m amazed by such an amazing oversight in today’s world. I’m not totally familiar with Germany but, don’t they have “black” people there?? I’ve covered the full hilarity of this on my blog.


  • compmanio36

    Christ….get off the “racism” bandwagon….just because it has the name “blaxx” in it doesn’t make it racist. Black people need to get over themselves and get with the 21st century; it doesn’t speak real well for them when black people are some of the most racist people in this day and age. I can’t repeat what most of them call white people, yet that’s OK, it’s “just words”, but if the tables were turned, all the sudden everybody is a racist….get real.

  • Daniel

    I think the point of this post went about six or seven feet over compmanio36’s head.

    Dude, it’s called “I beat blacks.”

  • l'matadorqk

    *Walks down the street, listening to his ‘i beat blacks’,*
    *Get’s beat by blacks.*

    Talk about some horrible marketing, as for the “precisely reflects the desires of the young, trend-conscious target group we are aiming for”

    I’m sorry, who are they aiming for?