Singing hearts and flowers… ATMT digital photo frame for the pink-obsessed

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hearts%20photo%20frame.jpgWorry not, I’m not giving into geek girl stereotyping right after lampooning it. It’s just that I know there are people out there who really, really like their pink gadgets, and more power to them. I also know there are people out there who enjoy looking at gadgets like this and being very glad they don’t have them. See? You can please all of the people on occasion.

This 7″ Miniview Digital Frame is one of those Marmite jobs that’s “cute”, “adorable” or “chic” to some and an abomination in design to others. You can display images direct from a memory card at 480 x 234 resolution then add MP3 files from the card to create a backing track (I suggest Aztec Camera). It’s $100 (£50) for the privilege, though. Gallery after the jump for the brave.

[via Geeksugar]


By Staff Writer | August 14th, 2007

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