Pink laptop porn – which pink are you?

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Well, the results are in, and apparently we’re genetically predisposed to love pink. Having wrestled with this subject for at least 24 hours I’ve decided to embrace it, but with certain footnotes. For instance, one pink does not fit all – there’s a whole spectrum of hues out there. So, have a look through and take your pink – which one are you? (Warning, you may need to brush your teeth after all this sugar).


Pink laptop from Philips
Best for: The Romantic

Nothing says love like a 100GB hard drive. This laptop was launched at the beginning of February and so quickly became the alternative to a single red rose on Valentines Day. Or at least in our gadget loving dreams it did.

Xtreme ChicPetite laptop
Best for: The Pimper (no, not that kind)

If you’re a fan of customisation, be it pimping your car, jeans or iPod, this one is for you. It sports top level specs but you have the option of customising the colour and design, as well as what’s under the hood.

Woolworths Medion laptop

Best for: The Student

If you’re a student you need value for money, since you’ll have a fair amount of expenditure going on textbooks, rent and, well, booze. So this is perfect. 120GB hard drive, DVD Rewriter and best of all if comes pre-loaded with Vista home Basic. And how much for all that and more? A very reasonable £399.


Notino W5700 laptop
Best for: The Show Off

This is one for those girls who are pink-lovers and proud of it. There’s nothing subtle about this particular shade, but you won’t have to blush about it’s specs (sorry, sorry, sorry). It’s got an Intel Core Duo processor as well 1GB of memory, and best of all you can get a pink Beetle-shaped mouse and “Bow Wow” pink terrier pup-shaped external speakers from the same manufacturer. Like I said – show off.

Medion SIM 2060

Best for: The Glamourpuss

This one is either for glamorous or the lady rapper, since it’s covered in no less than 300 diamante crystals. If you’re not impressed by bling check out the 12.1″ screen, 100GB HDD, 1024 MB memory, DVD-RW, SD/MMC card reader and the fact that it’s Windows Vista Premium Ready.

Hello Kitty laptop
Best for: Um, your kid sister?

What’s to say? It’s not the kind of laptop you’d buy for the specs. In fact, I suspect it’s not the kind of bag you’d buy, full stop. Particularly since it’ll set you back no less than $1,600. And do you know what that kind of money can buy you? A personal performance from The Backstreet Boys, and that’s nothing to be sniffed at.

By Susi Weaser | August 23rd, 2007

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