Hawaii Chair: weight loss without the effort?

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hawaiichair_small.jpgWe all like our low-effort quick fixes when it comes to weight loss and fitness (and yes, gentlemen, I’m talking to you as much as the women). It was for that reason, after all, that I tried out Power Plates (harder than it looks) but it is with a degree of eyebrow-raising disbelief that I pass on spending $350 (approx £175) on a Hawaii Chair. It claims to give you an aerobic, toning workout. I’m not convinced there’s anything cardiovascular about sitting on a moving seat, though, unless it’s at a rodeo.

I could hula my butt, waist and thighs to honed perfection by sitting on a revolving seat (mounted on a 2800 rpm motor), or I could eat sensibly, walk lots and not care. Guess which one I’m going for.

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By Staff Writer | August 15th, 2007

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