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Goodbye Kitty magnets for the dog lovers of the world

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goodbye-kitty-magnets.jpg If you're anything like me and don't understand the utterly ludicrous obsession with Hello Kitty and all the gadgetry surrounding the miniature feline, you can now share your voice. These Goodbye Kitty magnets might be a little bit nasty to the poor little kitty cat featured, but they're pretty funny too.

Each magnet set contains five creative ways to finally get rid of the dreaded kitty. It might not be as flash as the Kitty herself, but I say: Vive la Revolucion! Get yours from Merch-Bot for $10.95.

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  • Shelley


    Are you CRAZY? Todd Goldman steals the Neko cat image and you promote his hackery? See for yourself why those who care about intregrity boycott Todd Goldman:

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