First ever wind-up media player for eco-musos

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ecomediaplayer.jpgHippyshopper has some welcome eco news for us today: the maker of the world’s first wind-up radio, Trevor Baylis, has taken his invention and delivered another world’s first: the wind-up MP3 player. This clever unit needs only a one minute burst of elbow grease to deliver 40 minutes of juice; no more coming to a grinding halt on a long flight.

It’s more than just a music player, too. The product description on the Ethical Superstore website has it as playing music and video on a 1.8″ screen as well as being an FM radio, torch, sound recorder, photo viewer, mobile phone charger, ebook viewer and data storage device. That’s not bad for £170, but bear in mind internal memory is just 2GB, so you’ll have to get an SD card to extend that.

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By Staff Writer | August 10th, 2007

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