Shiny Video Review: Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit: The Wave

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Alex surprises herself by not turning the same colour as the gadget in question… The ultimate in pink gadgetry, if you’re interested in getting your, er, hands on one of these you’re in luck! We’ll have five to give away soon; check back on Monday for competition details.

Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit: The Wave

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By Staff Writer | July 5th, 2007

  • Orla Doherty

    Oh my goodness that is so needlessly huge!

  • angelus….i have some free ones to sell

  • stefan urbaniak

    no, i have them tee he he

  • Ben Weaver

    Fukin mint!! Luv it!!

  • http://http oziibs

    it is so huge and massive,i would love to have one.

  • Tom

    Its crap, wave bit broke first time used!!!
    Gna have to take it back now!