DreamVision DreamBee and DreamBee Pro projectors are colourful and clever

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These slinky DreamVision projectors are more than just a pretty face. They come packing the capability to render Full HD picture (1920 x 1080) thanks to Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier technology. In short, the spinning colourwheel has been replaced with liquid crystal on silicon panels, which means goodbye to flickering and hello to the best picture you can get. The DreamBee Pro adds an external processor for professional adjustments and “advanced video source management”.

Mostly these are just really stunning; not a word often applied to projectors. Admittedly they don’t come cheap, with the DreamBee at £6,999 and the DreamBee Pro at £9,500, so you’d have to be a pretty serious cinephile with a pretty serious bank account. Check out more images after the jump.


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By Staff Writer | July 13th, 2007

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