Buzzing GPS jewellery concept gives you a sense of place

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The Royal College of Art saw one of its British designers release a satnav concept that aims to give people a sense of place and direction no matter where they are. Each hand wears a buzzing ring; the control panel is clipped to clothing or worn around the neck. The relevant ring buzzes to turn left and right, and there’s a different kind of vibration for back and forth. Take a wrong turning? They’ll buzz together. Something tells me even this wouldn’t manage to fix my warped internal compass, but aside from the fact that it’s somewhat unsubtle and a bit of an advert to theives, this concept gets a thumbs up from me for effort.

[via Navigadget]

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By Staff Writer | July 20th, 2007

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  • Kenton

    I will just say great piece of art!!!!!