Baby mammoth – it'd be so cute if it wasn't a 10,000 year old mummified corpse

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First question – why is the most exciting thing to happen to Mammoths and Scientists residing in a broken crate on the floor? Second question – seeing as how it’s still got it’s fur, trunk and eyes intact, can Richard Attenborough create a real-live version in time for Christmas? I don’t know the answer to either of these, sadly, but they are already hoping to build a genetic map of the species based on this discovery (maybe they should upgrade the accommodation if it’s that important…). It was found in Northern Siberia, by a reindeer herder and is practically perfect, apart from a bit of it’s tail which appears to have been bitten off. Aaah.

[Via The Telegraph]

By Susi Weaser | July 12th, 2007

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