Angel Kitty tail-cam

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Cute and creepy, the ">Angel Kitty Tail Cam is a webcam built in to a fuzzy white costume tail, so you can see where you’ve been. Actually, while the naughty implications are pretty obvious (the tail seems flexible enough that you can position it to aim at whatever) the idea of having a webcam on what’s essentially a heavyweight pipe cleaner seems fairly sensible. You could contort it at exactly the perfect angle to let you watch your sugar snap peas growing while you’re at work, and then when you get home, you can have them spank you. (It has a naughty quota you have to meet no matter what your mundane applications for it might be.) 17,850円. [GT]

">Angel Kitty Tail Cam [via ">Secret Japan]

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By Gabrielle Taylor | July 11th, 2007

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