Yay or Nay Wednesday: Safari browser for Mac AND Windows

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The Apple Developers Conference held a few surprises, including one that’s caused a fair amount of blogosphere controversy: Safari browser for Windows.

We’ve reviewed it, Tech Digest has its own take on it… Now we want to know what YOU think. Will it tempt you away from Mozilla or (hiss! spit!) IE? Have you tried it and remain unconvinced? Are the rumoured security problems making you nervous?

Last week we asked you about the London 2012 Olympics Logo. Somewhat predictably, you all still hated it. You and the rest of the right-thinking world!

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By Staff Writer | June 13th, 2007

  • Gavin


    Few reasons..

    First because of iTunes.
    My wife has it purely to put music on her ipod, it’s seems a resource hog (start Itunes, leave the PC for 5 minutes and get a coffee), and counter intuative to a windows user. It does work, and it does the job well for getting music onto the pod, but it always feels like a battle using it, or more to the point if anything goes wrong it’s a PITA to fix, (usually I end up removing and re-installing it rather than wade through the Apple help for dummies online help.) My brothers a big MacFan, he thinks it’s awful on a PC as opposed to his Macbook version of it.

    Secondly security, I can’t be bothered putting another bit of software on to the PC I have to track and update, It’s not going to be in windows update so it means more work.

    Finally I have IE, I’ve tried Firefox and sometimes use Opera (it’s on the Wii). Do I really want another browser, and does this do anything really really useful I can’t do in any other browser. No not really, and thats probably the biggest reason of all.