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I recently received a parcel that contained a number of vibrators (it was purely professional may I add, not a hint from somebody reading my bitter posts) and was amused to see the Astrea vibrating briefs; which work via a wireless remote, so your true love can excite you from afar. It got me thinking however, as much as I love a gimmicky gadget, does this influx of hands free toys represent a rising lack of human contact in society today?

When so many people spend a good portion of their working life chained to a desk, one would think that sex at least was an area where you could get physical, but in this new virtual world, toys seem to be replacing people, and the modern woman sees it as her right to go solo. Of course, I’m not advocating that you need an other half to sexually fulfil you, as that just wouldn’t be right. But what I’m curious about is that the concept of a partner seems to be more and more removed, and devices like the Cone and the Rabbit more and more popular.

Nowadays the modern man doesn’t just have to face up to your busy social life, family commitments and career aspirations; he has to compete with your battery powered friend. And with all these products touting themselves as giving you the best orgasm ever, the most pleasure, or even more fun while you hoover, is any mere mortal able to measure up?

And it’s not just the bedroom you have to worry about either, there’s phone sex, chatroom sex, dirty Skype, literally in this busy world people just don’t seem to have time to make any physical connections. There are bonuses to connecting in the virtual world; you get to find out if you connect with someone based on personality rather than physical attraction. Of course this can backfire when you meet in person, as one of my friends was convinced she’d met the man she was going to marry, enthusing that her virtual buddy was ‘sweet and amazing and a soul mate’, but in person, though he wasn’t ugly, there ‘was just no spark’. Then again I have another friend who met her husband on MySpace and is still happy six months on.

Personally, I think that the rise of sex toys doesn’t rule out the possibility of men or physical contact; instead I believe that it means that men just have to make more of an effort. Yes, there may be a percentage of the male population who will run for cover if you whip out your rabbit after a disappointing session, but these are the men you don’t actually want in your life. Consider this; they are upset that you use a vibe, but they have still managed to satisfy themselves and not you. A real man understands the demands placed on him, and he’ll be the one who makes vibrators obsolete, rather than the other way round. Well.. at least on the nights he stays over.

Zara Rabinowicz writes for Shiny Shiny, Star Trip and Dollymix and is pondering a hands free relationship..maybe.

By Zara Rabinowicz | June 14th, 2007

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