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Marks and Spencer £149 iPod suit brings a new meaning to lapel buttons

m%26ssuit.jpgDo the men in your lives keep ruining their smart, sleek look by rummaging around in their pockets? For their iPod I meant. Now they can go from meeting to meeting with ease, free hands and stylish, budget comfort.

M&S are planning a £149 wool and Lycra suit with the addition of specially-designed Elektex fabric which turns the inner lapel into a five button control centre for their iPod. They claim it "transforms clothing into must-have fashion for the billion-dollar portable MP3 and mobile phone market". However, you'll need to invest some time in creating playlists - the suit is designed to cunningly conceal both iPod and earbuds, but changing artist or playlist requires manual disconnection.

The souped-up jacket will be available for £90 in a classic black pinstripe, with matching trews at £59 in nine stores.

Marks and Spencer

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