Infuriate workmates with the Knockman toy

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f_maywadenki_kerotama.jpg Working in offices across the world isn’t exactly the most relaxing experience by and large, but if you’re that office prankster (there’s always one) then you might want to create a little more fury with this noisy little bugger. The May-Wa Denki Kerotama Knockman is a bit of a gobful, and also an earful of fun. Ahem.

The toy winds up and hula hoops away happy as can be next to your computer. Fine, you think, cute even. But wait, there’s more! The hula hoop contains a marble which creates “an interesting washboard sound”. INTERESTING?! Mind bending I’d imagine. Still, if you can’t resist that little face it’s $19. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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By Orla Doherty | June 27th, 2007

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