Hip tunes from the Tunebuckle

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If you’re the type to wear flash your expensive goods and wear your tech on the outside, then keep your fingers crossed that this innovative belt gets its patent. The Tunebuckle encloses your iPod Nano in a clear case which protects while still allowing you full access to the controls. The headphones are given space too, leaving this functional and admittedly pretty cool looking. Its patent is still pending so look out for it hitting manufacturing lines soon.

I’m not so keen on the idea of screaming “Hey look at my iPod!” even though I’m an avid fan, but this is pretty attractive. So, the only problem is all those passers-by who’ll think you’re messing with your crotch.

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By Orla Doherty | June 18th, 2007

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  • Amanda

    I absolutely love them! I think the canvas belt one is really cute too… I think they are pretty practical, considering I don’t like putting my ipod in my pocket (makes my hips look larger), and well, I need a belt with all these low rise pants I own. I think I’d go for the full moon style belt…I just hope they get more soon, since they are all sold out. :(

  • Erika

    I actually ordered one of these over a year ago (two in fact, I originally got the wrong belt size) but I ended up sending it back because the metal holder for the iPod wasn’t snug and my iPod nano would rattle around in and I was afraid of it getting scratched. Sounds like they may have redesigned since then (there was no “clear plastic case” before.)

  • http://www.shinyshiny.tv Orla Doherty

    They are definitely a great idea but I think I’d most certainly feel unsafe especially if it was loose as you said Erika.

    I think it’s just because my Dad always taught me to keep my valuables under wraps!