G-Cube laptop and peripheral covers make everything match

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Here’s someone else who’s doing it right. G-Cube make covers for your computer to make it look something other than grey. The cover designs range from dusky pink shades through tasteful dragonflies to fun animal prints. But here’s why they’re good: They make matching covers for *all* your peripherals, so can really match. And you don’t have to buy a new mouse to match your new ‘enchanted blue’ computer. They have covers for mice and mini-mice, laptops, keyboards, webcams and USB hubs (although just one shape, but you can’t ask for everything) so you really can kit everything out to match without buying any new hardware. Congratulations to G-Cube for being the second thing I like of the day. (Here’s the first.)

Product Page, from autumn [via Gizmodiva]

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By Staff Writer | June 20th, 2007

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