Yay or Nay Wednesday: To WiFi or not to WiFi?

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wifi_logo.jpgWe’ve ummed and ahhed over wireless devices… but what we want to know now is do you think it’s safe? We heard about the BBC report and subsequent Guardian debunking. We know that some sort of reliable investigation is probably necessary. But what do you predict the outcome will be? Are we safe in our WiFi coccoon? Is it all needless scaremongering? Or are we about to fry our brains (and possibly our reproductive organs) unless the WiFi Apocalypse can be prevented?

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By Staff Writer | May 23rd, 2007

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  • http://blog.commsconsulting.co.uk alasdair

    me I’m for WiFi as:

    1) It makes life easier, much much easier web here there and nearly everywhere thatis just too cool
    2) I might as well as I’m within the radiation of 8 APs as I sit here, without a global ban or moving to the 19th Century you’re stuffed.
    3) It can’t be as bad as mobiles which are as good as in your head and on your bits and look at what I used to use :)
    4) To pin anything on any of the radiations we are exposed to in isolation is a bit naive
    5) the report is probably rubbish and scaremongering

  • http://www.ashlynslab.blogspot.com Dani


    wireless means I can have a laptop
    wireless means I can surf where ever and whenever
    wireless means I dont trip over cables
    wireless means I dont have to share a home computer