Traeger's pig barbecue will have you cooking tofu and soy products faster than you can say 'oink'

Katherine Hannaford Tech 2 Comments

A completely silly product to cap off a completely silly day in Shiny Towers listening to ’80s cheese music, eating donuts and acting like huge hyperactive morons. Hurrah for Fridays! The pig barbecue from Traeger is as good as any other grill, except, well – lookit, lookit! It’s all pink and cute and shaped like a pig! It also has 418 sq. inches of cooking surface, an internal hopper, stainless steel door handle, viper casters and a multi-position digital thermostat control. It’s $1,599 – just don’t go cooking any pork on it, whatever you do.

(via Spluch).

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By Katherine Hannaford | May 18th, 2007

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  • Ruby

    That is wrong on soo many levels. Or should I say seuwee (pig) wrong…LOL!

  • cupcake

    i have to say – that is the most ugliest bbq i have ever seen in my life! O__O