Tampon Taser Gun – sometimes my job is too easy

Susi Weaser Tech 1 Comment

I don’t know enough about causing Actual Bodily Harm, it turns out. Having read the description of this Tampon Taser Gun, there are certain bits that just *can’t* be true. Surely? For instance, apparently, in Taser mode 2 extra absorbent cotton tampons with barbed probes and 14 ft. of wire are shot out. An electric current then passes to the body, where the probes have attach to the clothing or bare skin, causing central nervous system disruption, including possible urination. There is also the ‘Stun’ option, which allows you to just jab the target to render them incapable.

Whatever the case, it’s so refreshing to find that after years of tampons being disguised as sweets, the tables have turned. Apparently, we’re all so keen on the design classic, we’re trying to make our other handbag paraphernalia look like it.

[Via American Inventor Spot]

By Susi Weaser | May 1st, 2007

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