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Sims 2 expansion pack will kit your Sims out in H&M threads

sims2hm.jpg Most of us in Shiny Towers are all huge fans of the cheap-as-Walkers-crisps fashion label H&M - all the best things come from Sweden, after all. I personally salivate everytime I see a beechwood coffee table from IKEA! And, err, Ace of Base, anyone? Don't tell me I'm the only unembarassed fan out there!

The reason I'm rambling on about how much I love Sweden (Millencolin! The Hives! Those IKEA meatballs!) is because there's a new Sims 2 expansion pack available now on Amazon as a pre-order. For $19.99, you'll be able to kit out your Sims characters in real H&M creations and design your own H&M store, plus send your Sims down a runway you can build. All of this will be available from June 5th, and will surely make your Sims characters (the virtual clothes are available for both male and female Sims), very appreciative. After all, everyone adores H&M, right? Well, except maybe Kate Moss and Philip Green.

Sims 2 H&M expansion pack at Amazon [via Sims Gamer]

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