Nacho lovers will love the electric Chip and Dip tray

Zara Rabinowicz Tech

chip%20and%20dip%20tray.jpgMmm, hot cheesy nachos, with spicy salsa, layered guacamole.. Ok, let’s not get too carried away here. Isn’t it annoying though, when you reach for a chip to find it’s turned into a cold concoction of congealed cheese? Well worry no more, as the heated chip and dip tray is at hand to keep your party snacks warmed to perfection. It’s large enough to hold a selection of dips and crisps, plus is made of melamine so won’t chip or crack easily, and the heated base is detachable for easy cleaning. Be the hostess with the mostest with one of these.

$ 18.74 from Target

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By Zara Rabinowicz | May 2nd, 2007

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