Haier Elegance – the world's smallest GSM phone with MP3 player

Katherine Hannaford Tech

There’s always competition in the market once someone mentions ‘world’s smallest‘, or ‘world’s largest‘, with every company within close proximity perking up their ears, rushing back to their design studio, and producing something that trumps the previous model by half a milimetre. This ‘Elegance’ (no joke) model made by Haier is shouting from the rooftops that it’s the ‘world’s smallest GSM phone featuring an MP3 player’. What’s next – phone companies touting the fact they possess ‘the world’s smallest clamshell with a 2.5-mp camera in the brightest shade of green available, oh, and with silver buttons with little red dots on, to boot’?

Measuring 3.6″ long, it’s packed out with 128MB of memory (with a Micro SD slot though, thank goodness), FM tuner, Stereo Bluetooth and is also Tri-Band GSM. With only three hours of talktime it more than compensates with 11 hours of MP3-listening pleasure. £165.

Haier Elegance

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By Katherine Hannaford | May 18th, 2007

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