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Safety lights for your surfboard with Light Wave

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Night time navigation need no longer be a hit or miss affair with the Light Wave rail lights adorning your surfboard you can hang 10 and pipeline in illuminated glory. Comes equipped with replaceable (and presumably waterproof) batteries, and a hand operated dimmer switch, to set the mood with all those surfer boys. The lights herald a new age in night time surf, promising a safer more entertaining experience, with heightened visibility. Let’s just hope it doesn’t attract all those sharks out there.

$2950 from Santa Cruz Light Wells [via Coolhunting]

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  • Goldwave

    I don't know where you're surfing, but everyplace I've been or any surfer I've known agrees that the time to get out of the water is before sunset - that's when the hungry fish come out. Talk about making yourself look as much like a tasty squid as possible....

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