PrintDreams hand-held way to waste paper

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Xyron_DR_00.jpgIt’s not that I’m unimpressed by what PrintDreams technology can do. I actually think it’s pretty clever to have a handheld printer that stores information and can print out in random directions as you slide it across a piece of paper. It’s just that I work in an office that’s as paper free as possible (with the exception of my diary / notebook which has to be handwritten or I’ll forget everything). And I think that if you don’t work in a paper free office, you should try to, using initiatives like GreenPrint.

But still, from the end of this year / beginning of next, you’ll be able to drop $200-odd on a handheld, fairly portable printer which is adaptable to many awkward media that could never go through a conventional printer. So if you must waste paper, do it creatively.


For tips on how to be paper-free, check out our eco-blog, Hippyshopper.

By Staff Writer | April 25th, 2007

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