Phillips ID9371 phone transmits high pitched girlie conversations

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Phillips launched their new ID9371 phone this week, which has clearly been lavished with styling attention. With a sleek gloss finish, soft-touch feel and inverse-backlit display, it’s a real show-off, this one.

Here’s an interesting thing though. Phone calls are delivered using ClearVoice HD – a new sound technology that reproduces real-life sound quality. The high frequency voice content which contains much of the emotion or inflection, with traditional phone conversations, can be cut off. ClearVoice HD recreates the missing part of the sound and also reduces distortion to create a sharper, more realistic conversation. Basically, then, you’ll hear every last detail of your friend’s wailing over her boyfriend’s infidelity, every scream of excitement, every painful detail of female high pitched emotion in every conversation. Eardrums, beware.

Product Page, £80-£100
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By Staff Writer | April 13th, 2007

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