Get your grubby mitts on a Philips dirt-free mouse

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dirt_free_mouse.jpgPhilips new dirt-free mice banish the smudge and grime from the most overused peripheral on your desk, albeit without the most memorable of model names.

Each new model has a wipe clean, high-gloss casing to prevent dirt build up as well as helpful features such as a four-way scroll wheel for content rich browsing. Four models are available. First up is the SPM7711, a wireless laser mouse with an impressive one-year battery life. The SPM8713 is similar in specification, but scaled down for laptop users.

Also launched is the SPM4701 wireless mouse with seven months of battery life and one model with a wire – the SPM4700. All should arrive in May, prices to be confirmed.


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By Staff Writer | April 27th, 2007

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