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YayNay28March.JPGThis week isn’t a gadget but I’ll bet you’ve all heard of it. Yes the social networking supremo My Space. It’s not quite a blog, not quite a web site, not quite social networks… yet, umpteen million of you have one for your own bit of web self promotion. Do you love it, hate it and have you got one? Yay or nay and why?

Last week I asked you about the PS3. Were you desperate to get your hands on one? The survey said nay with the primary reason given that it was too expensive.

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By Camilla Chafer | March 28th, 2007

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  • http://www.bkennelly.com/vox Vox

    A tentative Yay from me.

    The blog aspect is weak at best. The social networking aspect is creepy in many cases…

    However, I have found old friends and some amazing music. Discovering and keeping up with those singers & bands makes it, for me, worth the other rubbish.

  • Bunny


    Apart from the odd band site I avoid it like the plague.

    Most ‘blog’ pages are visual vomit reminiscent of the bad old web days of the HTML blink tag.

    And yes I agree with Vox, it does seem creepy at times. Perhaps I’m not down with the kids anymore though.

  • http://www.ashlynslab.blogspot.com Dani


    Its clumsly layout, hard to use with just far to much stuff on it.
    Besides, I dont want the hassle of having ANOTHER blog to look after. I already have 3 well establised ones on far superior hosting sites (blogger and travellerspoint.com)
    There is iTunes and BBC Radio 1 Zane Lowe show for new music
    Dont care about quizes
    And I already know what films, TV shows, bands, and foods I like

    As for the networking thing, i too agree that its creepy, but then again thats why I sort of use it. Yes I have a profile. No I dont regullarly visit it. All its there for is to point ppl who know me to where them can find me. eg: My blogs. Thats why I also have profiles of Bebo and Facebook. (I am always surprised by people who wont give me their email address, but just tell me to find them on MySpace/Bebo/Facebook. I soon bring them round)

  • http://www.party-truffle.net Gem

    Nay. (I’m thinking this should probably be underlined with capitals and exclamation marks, but maybe it would be over the top)

    I find it generally trashy. Like one of those teen magazines you pick up and find plastered with more celeb gossip than you need in a life time and when they’ve run out of that (quite soon) they plaster it with more useles and incorrect celeb gossip! You open it up and find it unbearable; you cannot take the trash and discover a sudden urge to scream and run away to some posh tea shop with scones and delightful old ladies politely discussing jovial topics such as the weather!

    Maybe I’ve just not delved deeply enough into myspace and have backed away after only a few snooty, dissaproving glances. But from those few snooty, dissaproving, (probably incorrectly spelt), glances I have come to the grand conclusion that I’d rather not delve deeply enough into myspace (hey, I’m only a poor, innocent minor!). For Bunny who feared she wasn’t ‘down with the kids’, you can rest safely in the knowledge that she’s certainly down with this kid (me being 13)! Having said that, maybe I’m an exception, the odd one out; I’m hardly your normal 13 year old as I have come here to show my disgust at myspace instead of showing my pouty pictures (amoungst other things) on myspace.

    Having thoroughly hung, drawn and quartered it, I may present it’s one miniscule and even it’s one more major saving feature:
    Firstly the new music that can be found there (although it is unfortunately rarely found by me because I rarely grace *ahem* the social networking site with my presance!)
    And more important the ridiculous money making oppourunities! I do have a dear friend who milks the site (and her hippy/folk music friends) for all the money it’s worth through making half decent pages (£50 plus a page, which isn’t bad for a 15 year old). I should do the same but unfortunately for my shopaholic tendancies I’m too proud to do it.

    In summary I think my final sentance should rightly involve the words ‘myspace’, ‘drives’, ‘me’ and ‘crazy’ (so there you have it!).

  • gavin


    It’s everything the web use to be, just because you can use every option in a web page it doesn’t mean you should.

    I just don’t get myspace, whats the attraction of trying to get as many friends as possible? it’s just a game to get the most. Mind you I don’t see the attraction of you tube either, beyone a bit of fun for a few minutes.