Yay or Nay Wednesday (on a Thursday) – PS3

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yaynay21march.JPGAre you sick to death of hearing about the imminent PS3 launch? Or are you clamouring to get your hands on the latest gaming console? Will it be worth upgrading to and will you abandon your shiny new Wii in its favour? Yay or Nay for the PS3 and why?

Last week I asked you about wireless devices and there was a mixture of yays and nays. It just depends on what the device is but in general, you’re not all that bothered by a few wires.

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By Camilla Chafer | March 22nd, 2007

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  • Gavin


    Too expensive, and until they sort out Bluray / HDDVD your taking a chance. If Bluray fails you’ll have to buy the HDDVD drive anyway. If Bluray takes off then players will plummet downwards in price.

    It might be graphically stunning but the Wiimotes are just so much more engaging as a controller than a joypad.

  • Jennifer

    Nay.. for now.

    I definitely will buy a PS3 before the next Final Fantasy game comes out.. hopefully by then they’ll be significantly cheaper. I don’t have any interest in a Wii, it seems pretty gimmicky and childish to me.