Yay or Nay Wednesday – wireless devices

Camilla Chafer Tech 4 Comments

yaynay14March.JPGWhat do you think of wireless devices? Like all gadgets, wireless devices – which can be keyboards, mice, headsets and so on – have their good points – no wires being the obvious one since it means no tangling or fraying cables. The bad points can be the device’s temperamental natures and battery sucking qualities. Do you love your wireless devices? Yay or Nay and why?

Last week I asked you about Skype and largely, you said yay. It’s great for international calls and IM. However, at least one of you agreed with me that we could do without the weird men trying to chat.

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By Camilla Chafer | March 14th, 2007

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  • http://acidforblood.net/ Brinstar

    As a gamer, I would be concerned about lag if I used a wireless mouse or a wireless keyboard, apart from the battery issue.

    I’m all for Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones, though.

  • http://www.asparagasantics.blogspot.com/ Dani

    I love wirless devices. I just dont know where I would be without my wirless gyration mouse. Its the best computer product that I get to work with (still trying to find a full, complete and fully working set for home)
    Battery sucking…… not really. The spare plug outlet now houses a small battery recharger. Takes 3 seconds to flick out the tried batterys and replace them with the recharged ones. (and its cheaper in the long run too, the charger is on a timer and switches its self on at night when we have that delightfully cheap period of electricity called economy 7)

    Plus, how impressive does it look in a presentation to be using your mourse on the desk top, 8 meters away from your laptop and then (and this is the bit i LOVE) be able to stand up and walk about and still use my mouse as a wand like mouse!!!!!! I love being a geek

  • Gavin

    Yay and Nay.

    Bluetooth headset, Wiimote’s (not sure if they count as the nuncheck is wired :) ) and tivo/ TV remote Yay. My Radio controled models Double YAY… However hunting new batterys when the wiimote has no power is a pain, and I really must buy some rechargables for them. :(

    Keyboard, and mouse Nay. Well Nay for me, my PC’s a tower variety that sits in a desk so wireless is a bit OTT. It’s not like the Keyboard and mouse they move far off the desk. Maybe if I had a media centre it would move the the TV/Tivo category but generally it’s not for me. I still have the network cable, Power Gamepad, Scanner, Printer and media card reader plugged in so a few more wires is no bother.

    If they ever get a standard so I can have all my peripherals connect wirelessly without a whole bundle of reciever dongles hanging out of my PC that would be better but I doubt that standardisation will ever happen… (I know that was the promise of bluetooth but it’s not happened has it.)

    I have Wifi at home but prefer our wired network as it’s faster and more reliable. We mainly have the wifi for the DS’s and Wii to talk to the world.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hotpink_pig pag