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Real droogs use Roth's audio music cocoon amplifier in the milk bar

stuff.jpgAnyone else just look at that picture and think 'wow, it's an iPod dock and a bar?! Brilliant, I can combine my two favourite past-times"? Or maybe it's time for me to quit drinking...Nah...

Sadly those aren't bottles of citrus Absolut, instead, they're glowing tubes which give the Music Cocoon MC4 by Roth Audio its great, almost sci-fi looks. Available in April, this amplifier has the ubiquitous iPod dock which charges the 'pod as it's blasting your mad choons, but can also play any other portable music device, like MP3 players, laptops, or DAB radios. Sadly it's only an amplifier, so you will need to add similiarly Clockwork Orange-style speakers, but Roth promise the quality of the music will be like nothing you've ever heard before. They do recommend using uncompressed music files however, which means you won't be able to store quite the whole back catalogue of Beethoven, droogs - quality over quantity, as I'm sure Alex in Clockwork Orange would agree. It'll set you back £399 when launched in April.

Roth Audio

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