Remote control cupboard lock keeps the cookies safe

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Perhaps you’ve shared the experience of living with a bunch of students, coming home hungry and rooting through the cupboards for that last cookie you saved. Or maybe it’s 2am and you know you had enough bread and cheese left for a toasted sandwich. Yet it’s nowhere to be found.

You know your housemates are eating your food (and fair enough – now that yours has disappeared, you’re clearly going to eat theirs), but you can’t be seen to put a lock on your cupboard! Outrageous display of distrust! If this is you, the goRemote could save you a lot of hungry frustration (at the expense of a bit of financial frustration, perhaps).

It’s a cabinet which comes with a remote control. A small steep prong in the cabinet detects signals from the remote and opens it only when the button is pressed. So you can keep your grub under invisible lock and key, and if you’re accused of unfriendliness, simply press the release button behind your back and it looks like your cupboards were open all along!

[via Coolest Gadgets], US$650
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By Staff Writer | March 9th, 2007

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