Pop Up TV that Hides in the Fireplace

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Picture House have released their new range of TV Fireplaces, every bit as entertaining as the last range. I mean, obviously the TV itself is entertaining, what with all the TV programmes you can watch on it and all, but it’s the concept that entertains me.

Imagine – you’re looking at a nice cosy fireplace, adorned, perhaps, with a family photo and a candle or two, when all of a sudden, there’s a whirring sound and, from deep within the fireplace, up pops…a plasma screen telly! Brilliant!

The new range is in marble, and has space for your DVD and Cable boxes. Advantages are that there are no wires showing, there’s a unified focal point to your room, and there’s one less thing to dust. You can control the fire and the telly from one remote control too. But I think I’d spend all day zooming it up, and down, up, and down…hours of fun!

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By Staff Writer | March 1st, 2007

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