Utopia Steam Sauna and shower stall

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Combining the health benefits of a sauna with the practicality and luxury of a steam shower (plus eliminating the step where you have to amble nakedly from the sauna to the shower, since it has an overhead rain forest style showerhead), the Utopia Steam Sauna lets you double up function (saving precious flat space) and provides some excellent high-tech touches. With six back jets and two overhead, there’s also a recessed seat and an aromatherapy add-on option at only £50 more. With the remote control you can have it warmed up and ready to go when you want it; it has plug-ins for your iPod (and even mobile, if you’re that perverse) and one-touch radio programming. £3495 (and worth every centime it sounds like). [GT]

Utopia Steam Sauna [via Wired Gadgets]

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By Gabrielle Taylor | February 12th, 2007

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