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Bristol Sound & Vision '07 - Denon's CX3 luxury Hi-fi

Apologies for another Denon product so soon after the DVD-2930 player, but I was so impressed with what I saw at their booth at the Sound & Vision show on Friday, this CX3 hi-fi being one of them. Aimed at the baby boomers - those whose children have left home, and have a bit of cash to throw around on their home audio system, it combines seriously sharp good looks with Denon's Advanced Evolution Hi-fi technology. Can you imagine some Fleetwood Mac being whumped out of this £2,700 worth of metal! It's hand-built in Japan from 'the finest audiophile components', and features a newly-developed amplifier, high quality AM/FM RDS tuner, MM/MC phono input, plus a dock control connection for iPod integration.


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